Documentary Wedding Photographer

I am a photo-journalist : I use my photography to tell stories and I would love to tell yours!

Reportage or photo-journalism style of wedding photography lets the subjects speak for themselves. I capture what is happening before me, with an emphasis on emotions : the bride and her sister realising the moment they’ve chatted about for so long is here; when the Groom turns to see his bride walking up the aisle to him; the lovely confetti tunnel. I will anticipate and photograph all these beautiful moments on your special day.

I shoot about 50-50 colour & black and white, using colour images where complimentary to do so, and black and white photography for intense emotional moments where colours can be distracting.

We will photographically break the day into…

Getting Ready

Capturing the excitement and heightened emotion in the morning of your wedding day.

I like to set the scene and will include atmospheric shots of your home, flowers, dress, shoes, seating plan etc : All the little details that make your wedding unique. Plus lots of lovely images of you, your closest friends and your family getting ready.

I often work with an assistant photographer (recommended for weddings of over 100 guests) & in this case I will be with the bride before your wedding and my assistant will be with the groom.

The groom and his best men will be photographed having the ushers lunch, seating guests, talking to the vicar or celebrant, waiting for his bride etc.

The Ceremony

I love black and white photography, and will do a large percentage of the ceremony photos in black and whites so we pair down background colour and focus on the emotion in the frame. During your ceremony, I will be very discreet, will never use flash and will tiptoe from front to back with utmost discretion.

The main shots during the ceremony will be:

  • The bride arriving with her bridal party
  • The groom waiting for his bride
  • The bride and her Dad walking up the aisle and the emotion of the bride and groom seeing each for the first time that day.
  • Signing of the register in a reportage way
  • The sheer joy of being married, walking down the aisle, confetti

If I have an assistant, then I will be at the front of the Church and he  will be at the end of the aisle, photographing you from the back of the Church.

The Reception

I will do a gorgeous mash up of shots of you, all the key family members and your guests enjoying your reception, long into the night.

I will also do the only formal part of my day : the group shots.

These still don’t have to be formal but they do need to be set up in a lovely spot and shaped so that the groups look good.  We will have worked out who we are photographing before the day and have a schedule so that we can whizz through these as quickly as possible.

Whilst your guests are being seated for the wedding breakfast, I will take the opportunity to photograph the new Mr and Mrs in a couple of lovely locations.  This is often a really magical moment, a  time to just be together, away from the wedding, to catch your breath.

Also, you then get to make a grand entrance!

Evening & The First Dance

During the evening & speeches, cake cutting etc, I will take documentary-style shots without flash of guests chatting & dancing.  With a high ISO this creates a lovely soft, filmic quality to the evening shots.  Once the light fails, I will use a flash which makes things a little sharper & less grainy.

The first dance : Whether you’re a real pro (in which case you’ll probably love this bit) or a reluctant show-man, this part of proceedings is one of the best moments of the day with all your mates willing you on.

For your first dance I sometimes use lights (depending on how late and how dark it is)

This creates a star effect like this :  I will also photograph several of the following dances and general  atmospheric shots of the evening party.

Once I feel we have enough dancing shots I will finish up & go home, feeling that I have the best job in the world!


I will have your wedding images edited within 4 working weeks of your wedding date, frequently sooner. I will edit them in my own subtle way, not overproducing photos, because I prefer my images with a natural look. I use Adobe Light Room and Photo-shop.

If you are local and would like to come to my studio for a slideshow on my big screen that would be brilliant. In any event, I will publish all the images of your wedding on your own web gallery and I will give you a personalised memory stick with high resolution images to reproduce as you like!


If you are having an album you can then select your favourite 60 or so images & my team and I will then design your album. I like clean, uncluttered layouts, each spread holding all colour images or all black and white.

You can totally customise your album with personalised debossing or embossing on the front cover & any available finish or colour; plus matted or flush pages  (I will go through all this with you when we reach this stage.)  I will send you a proof of the album for you to tweak & approve before printing.

Albums take around five weeks from ordering to print as everything is entirely made by hand in the UK.

Professional Prints

You may order any professional prints from me and I’d be delighted to process these at my lab. Please ask me for print pricing.

Free First-born Photo Shoot

Also, it is my pleasure to offer my bride and groom a complimentary photo-shoot of your firstborn!  Dependng on practicalities we can either do a newborn session in my studio or a lifestyle photo-shoot at your home. (This is a saving of £195 photo-shoot fee plus you receive one free print).

The Small Print

I will provide a contract which sets out the terms of our agreement and protects your rights. I have full professional indemnity.

At the time of booking a £400 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your date. The balance payable 30 days prior to your big day.

Wedding packages start at £1,000. Please contact me for full details. Thanks! emilyfairweather@btinternet.com or 07958 763029.