Why Emily?

Reportage or photo-journalism style of wedding photography is timeless. Emily’s photos will not look dated in fifty years because her natural style of reportage is authentic.

Emily has a unique documentary eye having made films for more than fifteen years. (see below) She is a calm and easy presence, comfortable to be around but definitely not one of those bossy wedding photographers that take centre stage.

Her job is to record your day, not orchestrate it! She is experienced, having photographed lots of weddings and will be able to offer advice on many issues like how to do a Confetti Arch and how best to do the group shots so they don’t take too much of your precious time during the reception; She will ensure that all your key family members are covered and no one is left out. Emily is in touch with all her former bride and grooms.

Emily Fairweather - Documentary Wedding Photographer


The key to Emily’s success in capturing these natural moments so well is the rapport she will build with not only the couple, but their guests and family too.

WHY I love being a wedding photographer

I have been married for fifteen years and can still remember my wedding in minute detail. The night before my three best girlfriends and I all stayed in a B&B, waking up painfully early on my wedding day morning, unable to sleep.  My Dad took me to the Church in a black London cab because I used to drive one, arriving just a few minutes late : me nervously chatting, him overcome and silent.  I remember the congregation turning to look at me as the Church door opened and the joy of seeing everyone I love there wishing us well. And I remember my husband to be, turning to see me walking towards him, a massive smile on his face.

Afterwards, we ate fish pie and blackberry ice cream and danced to a frantic Brazilian salsa band.  Everyone danced in a mad crescendo, snaking round the marquee in a glorious technicolour of party dresses.  I know it’s a cliché but it really was the best day of my life.

That’s why I love being a wedding photographer : because I get to be involved in this beautiful moment in other people’s lives each time I photograph a wedding.

I love the build up to a wedding : when the bride and her best friends are having their hair and make-up done and just enjoying being together; and the groom and his best men are bantering in the pub and then ushering guests to their seats; Then the moment when the bride climbs into her dress and her Father sees her in it for the first time;  The groom and best man, seated quietly at the front of the Church or venue, all jobs done now, patiently waiting.   Then the car arriving and the bridal party pausing outside the Church, everyone inside on their feet, eyes craning.   And there she is, walking up the aisle and the magic begins….

My wedding photographer, Hester Marriott, captured my day to perfection : she was there every step of the way.  And that’s what I will do at your wedding,  photographing all the candid moments that make up the best bits of the best day of your life.

My photos will tell the story of your day from beginning to end, using my unique film-making eye to craft your special narrative.

I’m there, for each and every moment, but so discreetly you will hardly notice.  And when it comes to viewing the images, it is like re-living the day all over again because I haven’t missed a beat.

Documentary Background

I’ve always loved telling stories about people.

I have a background in photo-journalism and reportage film-making. I have been published in broadsheets and magazines on subjects as diverse as the Sudan People’s Liberation Army and the merits of the Scilly Isles!

My first documentary film was a real feat of derring do – about the Nuba people in Southern Sudan. We landed a tiny plane at night, the runway lit with jerry cans on fire and the crew tiptoeing round various villages on foot, documenting their evidence without being caught.

This experience was so life-changing that it led to a fifteen year career in making documentary films for UK television : always about people and their lives.

During this time I worked on numerous high end documentaries including Kelly & Her Sisters, a ground-breaking story about four little girls on the breadline, which won a BAFTA, Grierson & Broadcast Awards for best documentary;   Abductions, a Cutting Edge for Channel 4; Pram Face, Channel 4,  about young single Mums in Exeter;  and The Grandparent’s Tale, my own Channel 4 Commission about how difficult it can be for Grandparents to achieve caring status of their own grandchildren.

I also travelled abroad for many of my documentaries and continue to love any foreign adventure.  I’ve recently been published in BIPP, Conde Nast and Country Living Magazines covering stories in words and pictures about Uganda and the Scilly Isles.

Most recently, I’ve done a creative project for Tescos focusing on family life in the UK. Working with local Somerset families I photographed the rhythms of daily life like having breakfast, baking and reading a bed time story in this lovely project.

Being a reportage film-maker has given me a unique training in telling stories through images, the perfect background to documentary wedding photography.