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Wedding Rehearsals

I often find that attending the Wedding Rehearsal is really useful both in terms of getting to know the  family, maid of honour, best men and other key members of the wedding party and also in finding out from the celebrant or vicar what their do’s and don’ts are. (for instance, is it ok if I stand in the front so I can get a good view of the bride and groom’s faces during the ceremony.  Is it ok if I tiptoe to the back of the Church for the reverse shot?)

The wedding rehearsal is also normally really good fun as emotions are running high but without the formality of the real thing.  The rehearsal is a lovely way to start a wedding album and for me to get to know everyone and visa versa. 

The Wedding rehearsal is normally the night before the wedding so this means that I normally travel to the Wedding location a day early. Rehearsals are often at 4 or 5pm the night before the wedding and offer everyone a chance to run through the logistics of, for instance, how fast to walk up the aisle (much slower than you think) – and I always ask the Vicar if they can please come up the aisle quite a bit in front of the bride and her Dad so I have a good clear shot of them); Where the register will be signed and what the rules are surrounding this;  What order the bridal party process down the aisle after the ceremony and how we will organise the Confetti throwing – is it allowed in the Church grounds if the confetti is biodegradable like rose petals?

It also means that I am already in situ for first thing on the Wedding day – prised and ready for the big build up.