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First Dance

First Dance – Don’t stress ! Just enjoy it however you decide to do it.

I absolutely love dancing and when I lived in London I used to go clubbing a lot.  Now I live in the middle of rural Somerset I don’t’ get my dancing shoes on quite so much so it’s a real treat to hear different bands and Djs at my client’s weddings.

For me, dancing is such an expression of pure joy and what could be more joyful than a wedding of two beloved friends.  But I totally get it that dancing is not for everyone and nothing highlights this more than the ways in which couples approach the ‘first dance.’

For Lottie and Jamie, they had it all worked out in the most incredibly choreographed dance on a black and white chequerboard dance floor.  This was without doubt, the finest first dance performance I’ve been lucky enough to see!  But other couples were pretty hot on their heels too, albeit in a slightly freer form.

For myself, my husband and I had ‘Baby just one sweet kiss’ because he’s  a massive Van Morrison fan.  Far from having anything prepared  we simply shuffled around the dance floor before encouraging our mates to join us. It wasn’t our finest hour but no one was judging!