Most vicars or church wardens that I have come across are happy for guests to throw natural rose petals as confetti at Bride and Grooms when they leave the Church.

But when the bride and groom comes out of the Church they are the first people to leave so no one has had a chance to line up yet.

I use moment this moment as a great opportunity to take some just married portraits in a couple of pre-arranged spots in the Chuchyard before heading back into the Church via a side door. It is such a lovely moment to be with the bride and groom who have literally just become man and wife and are so happy!

Meanwhile the ushers are organising the whole congregation into a line and handing out baskets of colourful confetti so that when the bride and groom re-emerge through the main exit for the 2nd time they are liberally sprinkled with sweet smelling petals.

This tradition started in Italy where flowers or rice grain were thrown on the happy couple to signify prosperity and fertility.

In the images below, Hermione and Benjie come out of the Church ahead of their friends and family and we walk around the church for some informal portraits while the confetti line is organised by their ushes and bridesmaids. They then they re-emerge and walk down their avenue of friends and family who shower them in petals.

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