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Jimmy and Sid

I’ve recently photographed incredible folk duo, Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith for their impending third album.  Jimmy is marrying my cousin Emma shortly and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding.

Jimmy and Sid are one of the finest talents to hit the British folk and accoustic scene in recent years with their combination of outstanding vocal work, sensitive instrumentation and incredible storytelling.  They are, quite simply, a breath of fresh air.

Their critically acclaimed second album ‘Night Hours’ was released in 2016 and described by the Guardian as ‘an impressive set. The duo are both fine singers and multi-instrumentalists.’  It’s a heartfelt, haunting album and I loved it!

The songs themselves are always centre stage, combining original material with some traditional ballads.  Jimmy and Sid bring their creations to life with stunning musical arrangements and sweet vocals. I can’t wait for the next album to come out.

For more information about Jimmy and Sid’s music please visit  www.jimmyandsidduo.com