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Lucy & Ben at Raddistock Church

Lucy and Ben’s wedding on 4th July, 2020 in Raddistock Church – the 5th smallest Church in the UK -was one of the first weddings – if not The First – to go ahead post lockdown 1.

Lucy is my friends’ daughter and I was lucky enough to photograph her sister, Hermione and Benjie’s wedding a couple of years ago. Because of covid 19 Lucy and Ben were one of hundreds of couples that had to vastly reduce the numbers coming to their wedding from over 100 to under 20. This meant only inviting immediate family, best men and bridesmaids.

Lucy and Ben also had to apply for a special license because they couldn’t have their bans read during lockdown and they could only invite

The guests were spaced out 3 metres apart in this mini Church and there was no singing allowed. But It was still one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended.

After the ceremony, just outside the Church gate, in the middle of a field replete with a herd or cows, the small congregation encircled the just married couple to sing Jerusalem. Amidst a balmy wind and gentle drizzle an acepella hymn seemed uplifting and peculiarly British.

Afterwards, back at Lucy’s family farm, we had plenty of time for photos of the Bride and Groom before the wedding breakfast. We used a vintage tractor, a barn and some beautiful trees as backdrops as well as some perfectly spaced and beautifully rustic doors.