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Getting Ready

How to have flattering getting ready shots

Keep your space as uncluttered as possible to provide clean backdrops for our photographs.

Keep relaxed – ship the girls in – have fun!

Be on time so that we can do some lovely portraits before the wedding ceremony in your wedding dress.
Wedding preparation starts weeks, sometimes, months before the wedding date. There’s all those decisions to be made on where to have the wedding, how many guests to have and what kind of food; How to decorate the marquee or venue and what music to have -whether to have a band , a dj or sometimes a DJ with a band!

Parents of brides who have chosen to have their wedding reception at home spend literally hours making sure the garden looks it’s best – be it growing salad for the wedding breakfast or titivating the borders! And ensuring that cars don’t get stuck in the mud should the big day prove to be wet.

For the bride there’s also the small matter of what to wear & who to use for hair and make up.

Finally, when the wedding day arrives and all these decisions have been put into action, it’s just a matter of kicking back and enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Often the getting ready bit of a wedding day is my favourite part of the day.

If the bride has her two or three best mates getting ready with her this is normally such a fun time with a steady but noticeable build-up of excitement and nerves as the minutes tic by. Maids of honour or grown up bridesmaids are key to relaxing the bride and ensuring that these two or three hours are light hearted and joyful. Normally there is a hair and make up person involved and sometimes a videographer as well and inevitably before you know it the bridal car has arrived and the bride is in her dress.
In order to have the best getting ready photos it’s really helpful to keep the room the bride is getting ready in as uncluttered as possible.
If the bride is on time it is an absolute bonus because we can then do some lovely portraits of the bride and her family and friends before leaving for the Wedding Ceremony. It’s also lovely to capture the Father of the Bride seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.