Maynard School Discovery Morning

The Maynard School in Exeter very kindly asked me to photograph their Pre-Prep Discovery Morning for girls aged from 3 – 11. They all enjoyed a morning of fun activities including tennis, yoga, Bollywood dancing and science. Everyone had a fantastic time and the school hall was awash with smiling faces at departure time. The Maynard School is expanding in September to include girls from the age of 4 (reception).



The Most Fun Photo-Shoot Ever!!

The Most Fun Photo-Shoot Ever!!

Recently I did a photo-shoot for landscape and garden design company, Alasdair Cameron Design. Alasdair’s designs are all about ensuring your garden comes alive by establishing beautiful spaces that you will want to spend time in, interact with and enjoy.

With this in mind Alasdair, his wife Tor and their three children set about showing me how they enjoy their own stunning garden near Uffculme in Devon. Tor jumped her horse through a border while their boys led their pristine ducks in an orderly formation across the lawn; Kit then dribbled his football in and out of the pumpkins from the immaculate veg patch; Jemima, their daughter showed me how to hula hoop and their youngest child, Occa, played hide & seek in the cosmos leaf!

For more information about Alasdair Cameron’s inspired designs of beautiful gardens to be played in please go to

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