I specialize in playful, natural school portraits, set in the grounds of the school with lovely leafy backgrounds.

In recent years I have done individual school portraits in Montessori on the Green (London), Taunton Nursery School & The Lemon Tree. I have photographed activities for school brochures for Taunton School, Queens School & Maynards School in Exeter as well as St Mary’s Abbot School in Kensington and have photographed productions for Dancemore!

There are various bundle options and I’m happy to set pricing in accordance to parent associations.

There is no cost to the school, though I will need a teacher to help me orchestrate the photos.

Once edited, I load the images onto a password-protected gallery on my website that only parents with the password can access. Parents can then choose which prints/framed images they’d like and order on-line.

I also love doing photographs for school brochures and have recently been commissioned to photograph Queens Pre-Prep for their school brochure & Etherton Eductaion’s students for their brochure.

I am absolutely thrilled with the photographs - you have totally captured Martha.

from The Jordans school, Shepherds Bush

Wow - they are amazing! And nothing to do with my bubble blowing!
Well done Emily.

Jane Alway
Headteacher of Montessori on the Green, London.

It was so lovey to see you again yesterday.These are really beautiful photographs and so interesting to see how you have engaged some quite lively little characters!!
The website is brilliant and so easy to use too.

Linda Raymonde Parker
Headteacher at The Lemon Tree