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How to take your own Headshots for your business

If you’ve decided that your website needs a fresh new portrait of you but you are not sure how to go about it here’s a few tips.

1. Look for the best light – Find light where you have top cover which provides flattering soft light.

Examples of this might be found under a tree, in a barn or stable doorway or front porch.

If you want to use the sun more you can stand with it behind you over either shoulder and this will provide back lighting – in its extreme form this can form a pretty halo around your hair.

Best time of day for outdoors portraits is the evening ‘golden hour’ when the sun is soft and everything has a golden hue. This is around 8pm at the moment but is generally the hour before sundown.

Or very early in the morning if you are an early bird.

For indoor portraits, use window light from the side (or from the open front door) so that you are turning your face towards the light source which is 90 degrees to you.

2. Wear something classic but simple.

3. Don’t be too serious! Relax – you want to look approachable.

4. If all this sounds too much like hard work, ask me to take your photos. I can come to your house, office, garden and make it fun! Or you are welcome to come to my studio.

Carrie Lees recently asked me to do some portraits of her for her website www.carrielees.co.uk

Artist/Photographer Carrie is producing a series of botanical plant portraits and cyanotype prints below using traditional printing methods like the Sunflower framed image below. She is currently exhibiting at The Working Window at The Green & Stone Gallery.

Carrie said “Having spent most of my adult life behind the lens I was rather apprehensive about being the subject for once. Emily was very sensitive and sympathetic and we had a brilliant afternoon. She has taken some perfect shots for my new website.

Instagram: @carrielees.studio
Website: www.carrielees.co.uk

Top Shade

Back Light

Inside, natural light window

Husband and wife, Emma Urquhart & Dan Holmes.

Emma is an amazing florist, who does wild and textural installations at weddings and other events. Husband Dan has created Westcott Organics at their Somerset farm, ‘Purveyors of the finest organic meat products.  The new W.O. website will allow you to buy a selection of cuts of organic beef, pork, chicken and turkey, and have it delivered straight to your door’.

For Emma’s portraits we took photos in her office and her flower barn. For Wescott Organics I spent a lovely day photographing Dan’s striking English Longhorn Cattle, including his massive bull that liked a back rub; his Exmoor horn sheep and smiley lambs and large black pigs.

Website: bromptonbuds.com

Website: www.westcottorganics.co.uk